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Costa Rica Bridal Shows:

Ramada Plaza Hotel
Herradura - Heredia
  ExpoNovia Ramada Plaza HerraduraHotel Ramada Plaza Herradura
ExpoNovias Outlet Mall &
Mall San Pedro - San José
  Mall San PedroAmerican Outlet MallStarProducciones
Mall Internacional - Alajuela
  Mall Internacional, Alajuela

Paseo de Las Flores Mall - Heredia

  Paseo de Las Flores

Multiplaza Mall- San José


Plaza Real Cariari Mall - Heredia

    Plaza Real Cariari

If you represent a planner company in another country, please
contact us to initiate the respective listing.


Shows in Panamá * Nicaragua - Honduras - Guatemala - El Salvador - Belice - México
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South America Bridal shows
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www.GuiaEventosEspeciales.com - www.GuiaEventosEspeciales.net - www.GuiaEventosEspeciales.tv
www.GuiaParaEventosEspeciales.com - www.GuiaServiciossEventosEspeciales.com - www.GuiadeServiciosParaEventosEspeciales.com
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